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Fuel Cell Cars

Automakers and component suppliers are spending billions of dollars to drive fuel cell technology towards commercialization, and many auto manufacturers are demonstrating vehicles right now.

Below you will see complete listing automakers of all fuel cell vehicles:

Is among the leaders in fuel cell demonstration projects worldwide. In Germany, Hermes delivery service is placing a fuel cell Sprinter van in regular service on public roads. To kick-start their program, DaimlerChrysler placed eight F-Cell FCVs on Japan's roads and 15 in Singapore. UPS will operate a small fleet of FCell FCVs in southeast Michigan in 2004, adding FCV Sprinter Vans to the fleet later in 2005.

Commercialization plan begins with approximately 40-60 fuel cell Focus vehicles for fleets in Germany, Canada and California in 2004. Ford intends to ramp up fuel cell vehicle production by 2010.

Goal is to be the first to sell profitably 1 million FCVs. To facilitate this transition, GM plans to begin selling 75 kW hydrogen-fueled fuel cell backup power systems in 2005, using this market to reduce the cost of transportation fuel cells to $50/kW by 2010 and gain experience in hydrogen production.

GM will supply and test a fuel cell system to power a Dow Chemical Co. plant in Texas, which could lead to Dow buying or leasing 500 stationary fuel cell units, totaling more than 35 megawatts, this decade.

Delivered its first FCV vehicle, the FCX, to the City of Los Angeles in December 2002. The city plans to lease five in all. Honda also delivered an FCX to Japan's Cabinet Office, for a year-long demonstration.

The FCX was the first FCV to receive certification by the U.S.

Environmental Protection Agency as a zero emission vehicle (ZEV), while also meeting applicable U.S. safety standards. In the next two to three years, Honda expects to lease 30 cars in California.

Plans to deliver its first FCVs in limited numbers in 2003/2004. Nissan's latest fuel cell prototype, the X-Trail, was approved by the Japanese Minister of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport for Japanese public road testing.

In December 2002, leased one Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicle (FCHV) to including the Cabinet Secretariat; Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry; Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport; and Ministry of Environment for a 30-month contract. Toyota also delivered six FCVs to the Aichi prefectural government, the Nagoya municipal government, Iwatani International Corp., Nippon Oil Corp., Tokyo Gas Co., and Toho Gas Co.

Toyota has delivered one FCHV to the University of California, Irvine (UCI) and one to the University of California, Davis (UCD). These were the first of a total of six vehicles to be leased to the two UC campuses. The deliveries are a first step in Toyota's plan to establish California fuel cell "community" partnerships of government, business, and higher education to tackle product, infrastructure, and consumer-acceptance challenges.

Many other automakers have fuel cell prototypes on the roads as well.

Has received approval from Japan's Ministry of Transport to test its new FCV-K-2, which was jointly developed with Toyota Motor Corporation, on public roads.

Is developing a small FCV, using Nuvera fuel cell stacks, for use as community vehicles in Milan, Italy, where gasoline and diesel fueled vehicles are banned on smoggy days.

Have signed an agreement to jointly develop a new automotive fuel cell power plant capable of operating in freezing conditions. Hyundai plans to make its fuel cell Santa Fe vehicles available for lease by fleet operators by 2006.

Premacy FC-EV was awarded Japanese road permits in 2001 and is undergoing public road testing in Japan.

Displayed a fuel cell concept vehicle in 1999 and has announced plans to produce a production-ready FCV in 2005.

HyPower prototype has been tested in cold temperatures and high altitudes in the Swiss Alps.

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