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Holiday Car Hire driving tips and traffic regulations in Spain
  • Drivers licence - Non-Residents can drive in spain on a foreign driving license for a maximum of 6 months in the calendar year. If you are EU member you don't have any problem.

  • Driving age - The minimum driving age in Spain is 18. For holidaycarhire is 23.

  • Right of way - All traffic coming from the right - including slow traffic - has right of way, except when you are on a right of way road. Public transport coming from the right always has right of way unless indicated otherwise. There are no set rules in the mountains.

  • Parking - No parking in spaces painted yellow or (obviously) in areas with "No Parking" signs. No parking is allowed within 7 metres of a bus or tram stop. On a one way road you are allowed to park on the side with even house numbers on even numbers of the month and vice versa. When there are parking metres are marked in blue check the times you have to pay as it is often only needed between 9:30 and 14:00 and 16:30 to 20:00 o'clock. a ticket can be purchased from an attendant or machine, the machine may be halfway down the block.

  • Invalid parking - You can park with your invalid card from back home on the invalid spots without a problem.

  • Radar detection - The use of radar detection equipment is against the law. Fines for speeding are paid on the spot and are calculated per kilometre over the limit.

  • Mobile telephones - The use of a mobile telephone, other than a true hands-free, whilst driving is now banned in Spain, even at the side of the road. You have to pull off the road completely away from any traffic. You may also not have any device in your ears to listen to music or your mobile phone etc., only allowed is something for enhancing your hearing, i.e. a deaf-aid. Sadly, you still see erratic driving where a mobile is in use, but penalty points can now be awarded.

  • Alcohol - The maximum allowed drink-drive limit is 50mg millilitre with breath test a frequent occurrence, although it is recommended not to drink at all when driving. New drivers are effectively forbidden to drink and drive, with a very low 0.1 mg/l limit.

  • Max Speed - You have to respect the running speed indicated for each route.

  • Noises - It is against the law to use the horn in between 23:00 and 6:00 o'clock. Use of lights is recommended. In the mountains you have to use the horn at turns at all times. Reflective Vests - It is obligatory to wear one once you step out of the car on a main road (for emergencies and car problems).

  • Seatbelts - It is compulsory to wear both front and rear seatbelts.

  • First-aid kit - Is advised, but not compulsory.

  • Children in cars - Children under 12 cannot travel in the front unless using a suitable restraint system. Children over 3 years that do not surpass the high of 1.50 cm must use an accredited restraint system according to their size and weight. Under 3 years always must travel in the back seat using an accredited restraint system according to their high and weight.

  • Replacement bulb set - is compulsory.

  • Gasoline & Diesel - Prices will vary from station to station.

  • Kms vs Miles - 1 mile=1.6 km 1 / 1km=0.6 miles.

  • Triangle - It is obligatory to have two triangles in your car. One to put in front and one to put at the back of your car in case of an accident or breakdown.

  • Tunnels - All vehicles must use their headlights when driving through tunnels in Spain.

  • Towing - Particulars are not allowed to tow a car. Spend the night in the car - It is allowed but certainly not recommended in regards to safety.

  • Toll - Most toll stations accept credit cards for payment but it is advised to also carry cash. For Andalucia maps detailing where you will have to pay tolls follow the link below:

  • In case of accidents - If there is no policeman around, take down the number of the other car involved, lock your car and go with the driver of the other car and look for a policeman. You will need to get a report from the police stating where the accident occurred, the names of both owners, NIE and insurance companies and the damage done. Try to obtain names, telephones and addresses of any witnesses. In any case call us for assistance.

  • Useful and Important Numbers:
    If you need an ambulance or police call 112.
    The Red Cross: 956 68 20 20
    Fire 122
    Holidaycarhire emergency: AXA Assistance = 900 300 188

  • All Holidaycarhire vehicles are equipped as follows - Apart from a spare wheel in good condition and tools to replace a wheel, we have in the vehicle a set of the appropriate spare light bulbs and any tools needed to replace them. Two recent additions to Spanish traffic regulations we carry two ministry approved emergency triangles and 2 reflexives jacket, which should be worn by anyone who gets out of your vehicle on a main road/motorway.

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