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New terminal of Malaga Airport The growth of the traffic that Malaga Airport has experience these last years make necessary the enlargement of this Airport in answer to give quality to the demands of the region.

To reach this objective AENA has initiate an investment and transformation plan at MALAGA AIRPORT. Without doubt this will be the mayor enlargement of its history.

To make it possible, AENA (Aeropuertos Españoles y Navegación Aérea) = (Spanish Airports and Air navigation), has developed a strategy called MALAGA PLAN, that covers and joins all the actuations and necessary executions to realize this firm commitment of making MALAGA AIRPORT a reference in all tourist Mediterranean Airports besides covering the social and economical ambit of Malaga region and indeed in all Andalusia.


Sala de espera del nuevo terminal del Aeropuerto de Málaga The general objectives contained in MALAGA PLAN are the following:
  • Make that Malaga Airport by efficient and competitive for the Airline Companies and offer a better service to their users.
  • Maintain the social, ecological and urbanity commitment.
  • Increase the access of the Collective Public transport.
  • Promote and provide the social-economical development of Malaga and the Costa del Sol, forcing the tourisms, attracting the external investments and promoting the establishment of new business in the region.

To materialize the objectives of the Malaga Plan it has foreseen an investments in infrastructure form about 730 millions of Euros contemplated until 2010 in different stages;

In stage 1 it has foreseen the construction of a new air terminal, building with 251.000m2 and 86 ticketing front desks, consisting of a nucleus attached to terminal T2 with a dike of 241 meter long, with 20 boarding doors, which will allow to attend 12 airlines through telescopic bridges and other 8 with remote. Once finished this Terminal, it will attend 9.000 thousand passengers per hour and 20.000.000 million passengers a year, duplicating the actual capacity of passengers.

This investment increases to 191 million euros, foreseen to be working in 2008.

Also in this stage they will rebuild the Terminal1 T1, with a budget of 6 million euros, to absorb the increasing traffic until the new terminal starts to work. This work is going to affect the ticketing area and the boarding zone from the ground floor.

The ticketing area will be enlarged until 1900 m2, 9 ticketing counters and the boarding zone until 2500 m2, with a dike of 845 m2. Finishing this rebuilding of terminal T1 it could attend 530 passengers per hour. Part of this has been finished in 2006.

Other wise in this stage are included more things like, the construction of more parking places with the building of an Parking with a surface of 51.000 m2 with an investment of 76.millions of euros, the enlargement and rebuilding of the existing Parking of the north area, with an investment of 26 million euros.

In its second stage, they foresee to start with the building of the second runway, with an investment of 96 million euros approximately. The building of this runway is associated to a parking platform fror airplanes investment that increases to 22 million euros, a new powerhouse denominated SUR, associated to the needs of use of the new runway with an investment of 13 million euros and a building for the fire extinguishing service. With this one there will be two for this objective, necessary to attend the two flight fields, its investment is calculated approximately in 7 million of euros.

Added to this MALAGA PLAN, it will connect the new terminal with the train and bus station. For the access by car it will connect in the future with the circumvallation by the north and direct to the (autovia del Mediterraneo) through the south.

Besides the respect to the environment because of its nearest to the river Guadalhorce conscientious that is an area to take care of that has 253 species of birds, counts with 24 hectares of green zone that constitutes the lungs of the airports ambit.

The 7th of October of 2003, was published in the B.O.E. the Declaration of the environmental Impact over the enlargement of MALAGA AIRPORT, which includes the most imminent actions, except the new runway.

This environment Impact declaration includes measuring to protect the earth, the hydrologic system, the water quality, the vegetation, fauna and atmosphere. The protection of the acoustic emitions and the cultural patrimony are also included.

The most important environment medium challenge of the MALAGA PLAN will be the building of the second runway where the maximum sensibility and respect for the surroundings will be demand.

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