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Malaga Airport - Booking - Holiday Car Hire

Malaga Airport Services

Inside Malaga Airport
Malaga Airport offers to the users a large qualifies commercial area in order to guarantee a pleasant, comfortable and secure stay.

This commercial area has a big variety of stores like:
  • Food
  • Complements
  • Sports
  • Drugstores
  • Home and decoration
  • Jewellery and bijouterie
  • Toys
  • Fashion
  • Variety shops
  • Music and electronics
  • Optician
  • Perfumery and cosmetics
  • Press
  • Greetings and souvenirs
  • Watch shop
  • Tobacco-Cigars
  • Wine and Liquors

Currency inside Malaga Airport

Euro coins

There are two foreign currency exchange offices at Malaga Airport.

The first bank office is locates at the arrival terminal T2.

The second one at the lobby of the departure terminalT2. (Pablo Ruiz Picasso)

Automatic Teller Machines inside the Airport

ATM Machine

Malaga Airport counts with diverse automatic teller machines located all over Malaga Airport enclosure.

Accessibility in Malaga Airport

Every day Malaga Airport works to improve the conditions of accessibility and the services for people with reduced mobility - handicapped. (PMR)

The passengers and the users that have problems of mobility and accessibility can be confident in moving around the airport, because there are plenty of services and installations that are offered: lifts and ramps, some of them mechanicals, information Staff from AENA (green jackets) and the Attention to the Passenger service (blue jackets) which give assistance to the people, guide them to the counters or seats and provide them all the necessary items (wheelchair, etc).

There is an area provided for pick up and drop off for handicaps. It is on the sidewalk next to the main entrance of the building, reserved seats are available for handicapped in the waiting areas before entering the security Control Points. Handicapped have an area of easy and fast access to Control Points and reserved seats next to the boarding gates and well adapted run ways from and to the different Airplane Terminals even with wheelchairs or special vehicles by (AMBULIFT).

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